Film Review 3


Cast :-

• Ajay Devgan
• Kareena Kapoor
• Saif Ali Khan
• Konkona Sen Sharma
• Viveik Oberoi

Director :-

Vishal Bhardwaj

Synopsis :-

The story revolves around langda, rajju, dolly, omi and kesu. It covers jealousy, love story and revenge. It’s  basically a full Hindi cinema movie. where brothers converted into rivals for a tag and in the middle love story suffers and at the end everyone is exposed with mysteries.

Review :-

Vishal Bhardwaj is known for his work in hindi cinema. He brings yet another Indian Crime Drama movie to big screen. In movie all the main characters are familiar faces, but the audience is introduced to new faces as well.
The movie starts from when Langda Tyagi (saif ali khan) threatened Rajju Tiwari (deepak dobriya) for kidnapping Dolly (kareena kapoor) and advice him to run from motorcycle. Later the movie shows that rajju reached to dolly’s father and her father went to Omi Shukla (ajay devgan) for accusing him for kidnapping his daughter then the third person on call stop their fight. The movie revolves around dolly accepting in front of her father that she loves omi and after elections omi gave his tag of bahubali to Kesu Upadhyaya (viveik oberoi) which langda was expecting. Later langda plots a revenge that not only sour’s omi’s love story with beautiful dolly but also exterminate rival kesu as well.
The film served great combination of action + drama and the most intresting part about omkara right from the start and that was Shakespeare. The use of strong language somehow  justify the scenes. After some scenes however, we were convinced that the casting decision was good one as everyone played their characters beautifully.  Special appearance of Bipasha Basu puts strength to the script as well scene as she played her role very elegantly.

About Direction :- Vishal Bhardwaj  the director has chosen great Shakespeare writing and converted it into film. Everything was done perfectly scenes to dialogue clarity. He is known for great direction and he puts all his hard work to make the film be hit and realistic.

About Cinematography :- Cinematography was good but there were some scenes were it could be done better. There was one scene where the camera was showing Ajay and Kareena are coming down from stairs or going on road after that the camera stops for 2sec and shows the wall of stairs only that breaks the momentum and looks weird. There was one more scene of fighting in rain that was the most horrible scene where we were unable to see the characters and only street light and darkness were displaying on the screen and we could only hear the dialogues.

About Production Design :- Background was chosen perfectly according to the scene and all the characters played their role realistically  with full emotions and feelings. One or two times in the film camera angle and lighting could be done better. Costumes were good as per background no repetition of costumes were done. Props were beautifully  used in the film.

About Sound Designing :- Sound quality was good there was clarity in dialogues. In songs editing was done excellently but  one or two time only you feel if you are watching with earphones that song is not audible  in right ear but it is audible in left ear.

About Costume Design :- Clothes were very simple in the movie only one or two time Kareena were little heavy suit. Other characters wore only simple clothes they were not designer at all. Mostly dark color clothes were won in the film.

About Make Up :- Make up of all actors including side actors were not too loud nor too dull or you can even say natural make up was done. Even in marriage rituals make up was very light of all actors that were suiting with village background but kareena’s makeup was little up high from natural but that was normal as she was the bride.

About Editing :- Editing of the film was done excellently. One or two times the camera stops for 2sec that disturb the momentum but the joining of the scenes was great at the end the film turned to be good.

Special Mention :- Saif Ali Khan has done a great work in the film. He had played his character very well plus his acting was really realistic.

Special Information that audience must be aware of :- Audience should be aware of that very strong language is being used and according to me everyone above 17+ can watch this movie.

Do check it out:-

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