We have listen and read alot about Women Empowerment, Education, Equality and a lot. There are so many articles, videos, posts, blogs. Even there are permanent columns on newspapers related to this. Do these things really helpful for a women ?

We know women as a daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, ma’am, sister-in-law, bhabhi and many more relations women play in her single life. But what’s her own identity?

Women is that creation of god which scarifies everything for everyone without uttering a single word. And if she dares to speak for herself then the society makes assumptions about her which carry forwarded to her Character assassination.

In Indian society Girl child/Women is considered as family’s pride both in “parents house” and “husband’s house”. But where is her own pride ?

Why the family’s pride has been beaten, tourted inside the house ? If she is the pride of the house. Then her respect should also be there in which ever role she is in. Women’s are always the pride of the house if not in your house but in other’s house she is.

Empowerment, Education and Equality has been started given everywhere, the concepts and values are getting clear in people’s mind but what about her own Identity ? How long it will take to understand ?

Women’s should also find her Identity, raise her voice and the responsibility of loving ones is to support and fight for her.

IDENTITY is important for EVERYONE

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