Once upon a time we wished for everyday should be sunday. We wished so badly that our very caring friends listened us. They have created such a atmosphere that everyday has became sunday. But why people are regretting , why they are becoming so Impatient , why they want to end the Vacation ?

Earlier children were praying from god “pls do something” “set schools/colleges on fire” “we want break”. After so many prayers when God listened them. Now they want everything back to normal, missing schools/colleges, teachers and friends. Again praying has started but for different.

There are so many pending requests at God’s house. And when he started clearing all the mess and fulfilling all wishes then humans want everything back as it was earlier. Then why you wished?

Let me give you all one more example. When we were in class 11th each students wished for PCM and COMMERCE and when you get it you regert it then why to wish?

Concept of what you want in life , what you want to become. what you wished for should be clear. When you are not clear don’t wish for that. Everything happens in this world with a reason. You meet someone, you get something there always has a reason behind that.

At the End……….


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