MASKA 2020 Film

Storyline: Young Rumi wants to let go of his family legacy to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

I was just going through Netflix’s there I found this movie called Maska with the # 1 in India today from top 10 movies. This movie is directed by Neeraj Udwani who is best known for directing over a hundred episodes of the anthology seriesand Yeh Hai Aashiqui. Basically the movie Maska is about family legacy. It is very connecting, heart-warming, Unique, family movie and a must watch movie.

The shooting of the story took place in Mumbai. Main characters of the story are
teen Rumi Irani (Kamani), Rumi’s dad Rustom’s (Jaaved Jaaferi, from Dhamaal) and his mother Diana (Koirala) known as The Irani family in movie. Supportive actors were small-town divorcée Mallika Chopra (Dutta) and neighbour Persis Mistry (Setia). The story is about Irani family – which lives in South Mumbai and in the neighborhood owns an Irani cafe called Rustom’s Cafe.Diana wants his son Rumi to took over the cafe and follow the family legacy and walk on the footsteps of his father Rustom but Rumi was having some other plans. Rumi was 19 year old and want to become an actor but Diana want that he should restart the famous dishes of the cafe. He always day dreamed of winning an black lady and become a famous star for that he joined academy to learn were he fallen in love with Mallika Chopra. She was very good at acting. Rumi wants to win best actor award with Mallika but unfortunately Mallika won and Rumi doesn’t. Mallika was non – irani and pushes Rumi to do live in but that was not possible for Rumi so she told her story that she left her hometown, her parents, and her husband after 3 months of marriage just to full fill her dreams and Rumi should leave her mother. Rumi fights with her mother and manage to live in. He was not able to pass any audition but Mallika got a break after 2 years. She through a party in which Rumi found a director who needs a hero in his film and wants 5 crores also for the film then and there only he decided to sell his cafe and decided to move back home in which Mallika supported him then she left Mumbai for shoot amd Rumi was back home where he identified the importance of cafe for people he was able to found happiness here only the role of Persis began but the film deal was still on……..Her mother was able to found that what was the purpose of his to come home and the next day she sign the power of attorney but at the end he rejects the deal broke up with Mallika because he understood what his father told his mother when he was born that he would be the famous chef and he realized that he loves Persis not Mallika.

There were many actors in film and all did the fantastic job. Rumi father Rustom was dead but only Rumi was able to see them and talk that of sweet as it show father son bond. All the characters has done the realistic acting. You believe in movie get connected with it.

Honestly, I like everything in the movie if a person likes realistic movie then this movie is the best option. There is nothing in the movie that you would not like. You can also correlate it with your real life also.

The main lesson given from this movie is “Not all Dreams are meant to Fulfill”. You dream for many things but only that dream’s come true with are your ikigai (It’s a Japanese concept which means that a person is meant for only for a particular thing. Like Rumi’s ikigai is mask)

It’s a family movie all kind of age group people can watch this movie. I would like to recommend it to all to watch this realistic movie and my final word for the film is It’s a awesome film.

My rating for this movie is 5 out of 5 because I liked it alot

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