Sultanpur National Park

On 13th Feb 2020 our university has taken us to the most famous and the most visited place in gurugram that is Sultanpur National Park. It is spread in 265 acres and it is 6 days open. Timing of the park was between 7:30am 7:30pm. We reach there at 10:30am from university bus. In bus we were assigned with are task to do like blog writing etc Many school children were there, people has also come with their families, groups of friends were also there.

Our faculty members addressed us that we need to click pics of the park there should be approx 15 to 20 pics each should have with them. After that we were inform how to click the pictures. What all imp. Things we need to capture then we were told that we have to sharply come at 12:30 in the parking. Then we divided are groups and started exploring the park.

The place was very warm with silence it was full of greenly there was motor car also available to explore it fast in cost 200 per round but we decided to explore by ourselves. Pictures were coming beautiful there were tree house for the birds that can’t create their own nest there were also skeletons of animals & there was proper small brick rooms were all skeletons were buried. There were also guest houses for the photographer who wants to stay there were towers to see the wide view of the park Lakes were also there for birds. Overall it was a very nice experience.


Disclaimer: Jagriti Blogs claims all credit for images featured on our this blog. All visual content is copyrighted to Jagriti blogs.

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